Families and Couples

Families and couples come to YFCS for assistance with a variety of family issues, such as divorce, domestic violence; parenting; money, intimacy, infidelity, stage of life issues and other common relationship struggles.  Treatment approaches reinforce the skills and strengths of individuals and families and emphasize personal growth, development and situational change.


Group Psychotherapy

Similar to individual therapy, group therapy’s goal is to help people cope with difficulties as they grow and develop in their professional and social lives.  Positive peer groups represent a powerful intervention that is a source of persuasion, stabilization, and support, particularly when clients are working to identify personal goals and interests and/or overcome thoughts and feeling associated with anxiety and/or depression. 

School Consultation

YFCS staff offer their knowledge and expertise to schools in the community that would like to discuss clinical issues relating to their programs, difficulties, growth/development and/or crises.  Two common issues for consultation include bullying and the increasing trend of self-harm.  Consultation is tailored to fit the particular needs of each community, and can be by appointment, on a regular basis, or as a more formal seminar/presentation.


employee assistance.jpg

Employer Assistance Programs

YFCS contracts with area employers to be the provider within their benefit plan for mental health services.  This benefit usually consists of a certain number of sessions made available and provided for by the employer.  Any employer who would like YFCS as an Employee Assistance Program provider is asked to contact us at your convenience.